What is going on Sylhet beyond the law!

Abdur Rahim : From the very recent incidents took place in Sylhet town after the election has become very pathetic to be heard. It has now become a very common phenomenon nowadays. Within the couple of days, a brilliant SUST student committed suicide not to be successful in his department,a little 4 class female student had raped near the SUST roughly, hijacking, cheating and theft news from the online sources attracted all of our attention. Last Friday a school boy was also kidnapped and got back in the afternoon after paying a good amount of money by books by his father. The boy is a son of a prominent Associate professor of Govt. MC College. He himself is the sole example, who tried a lot to save the primarily detected individuals due to their studentship.

After getting the money they dropped the boy in front of a Tilagor point from the vehicles. Police went to the spot instantly after recovering him, but couldn’t identify the culprits yet. A real teacher, a guide of thousands, even salute him for his awesome character, perseverance and good behavior, he himself stopped and told the OC not to offer them jail knowing that the culprits are running students and examinee. Two days have yet passed, but police, RAB and even the detective agencies, including the law enforcement agencies has done what is questionable. According to the theory of Criminology “Culprits must miss any of the signs before they leave “.And from the box numbers police could have caught the culprits instantly and it would be the realistic example before the nation. Without a written complaint Police or even RAB can’t go for action. In such critical moments the sufferers, see their own eyes with clouds when law enforcers try to avoid the real applicant and harass them somehow.

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Their first support would be to console and go for a search and rescue by which without complaining real clues could come out without disturbing anyone based on the primary information’s. Its a matter of great regret that after the election this metropolitan area has become more incidental and bad news covers the newspapers by which the peaceful identity of this peaceful area has been in threat. Not only this, everyday hijacking, theft and cheating has become another routine task in the city area. But no one has been caught by the law enforcers. Several groups of youth gang have been doing this ferociously. From the Facebook we see that hijacking in CNG has been increased and even it has crossed its past record. Showing ill causes and cheating 16,000/- take losing a man from Karimullah market, Mobiles has been a theft by different ways. A class 4 student raped in the Sylhet area has just astonished the conscience of the elites.

The administration along with the mass people should come forward to stop the miscreants. The peaceful city should be in a peaceful position by all means. 5 VIP Ministers have been appointed for this area, A remarkable change should be ensured by the law enforcers to keep the city sound. For this the elites should Co operate positively. After the election, AL won remarkably here same as the entire country and formed gift for the 4th times.

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The govt has declared zero tolerance against the militancy, corruption and all wrongdoings. The prime Minister also warned all of their course of actions, it’s barely appreciated. This city,Sylhet is important for its so many importance in political, economic and social-cultural aspects along with its natural resources as well as the brilliant personalities. We hope that the law enforcement agencies will pay much more attention to ensure the city’s peace and security. 

[ The writer is a learner at DU and working at ( P Lecturer) BSMRSTU, Gopalganj, Bangladesh. / Life Member: Tourist Club of MC College, Sylhet. ]

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