The musical stage show of Saraswati, the forgotten daughter of Tansen

Rumy Haque, London:

It is not every day that one gets to watch the rich historical characters from the Mughal king Akbar era come alive in front of you! The musical production of Saraswati, the forgotten Daughter of Tansen has done just that for us. This was staged on the 8th of September 2019 at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

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I can undoubtedly say with absolute surety that this storyline and project of Saraswati, the forgotten daughter of, as believed by all, the one and only king of Indian classical music, Tansen, has been explored, for the very first time in history, anywhere ever!
After the successful executions of the stage musicals of Badi Moti Bai and Begum Akthar, Kalakar brought us this mesmerising production!

Written, scripted and directed by the present day Indian classical and semi classical Thumri queen, the one and only SMT Chandra Chakraborty.

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Just as promised, the team Kalakar has most definitely once again not only engaged and captivated the audience’s attention and imagination with the historical/legendary storyline but also stunned, amused and entertained them all at the same time with their most brilliant acting skills; touched them with the beautiful flawless singing and made them tap their toes with the rhythmic dancing!

It will be very apt to, at this point, congratulate the whole team and especially to SMT Chakraborty, the Director and founder of Kalakar and as the main character of the play,Saraswati. It also is very important to introduce to you the rest of the most important individuals who played various other characters and without whom, Saraswati the play would not have been possible. Sid Kargupta, who played Miah Tansen, Dr Imtiaz Ahmed, who played the part of the most fearful and deceitful villain named Wahid Khan! Sahel Ahmed and Indrani Datta performed the fantastic Sufi dance. Sandeep Narayan, Ruma Paul played their vital parts. Satarupa Ghosh played the part of Chanda, the character of Tara was played by Priya Bhagwat, alongside Anuja Pradhan. The part of Imran was played by Anoop Kapoor. Samarjit Das as Birbal. I feel the musicians, Pretom Shaha on the keyboard and Aniruddha Mukherjee on Tabla also deserve the highest applaud for their mesmerising performance. The narrators, Samar Shaha, Jesmin Chowdhury and Sreshttha Mukherjee did a fantastic job in their backstage storytelling. Now at last but not at all the least, I have to mention that the many others behind the scene who should be thanked for working tirelessly to make sure every scene is rolled out on stage without any glitches or major complications and without whom, Kalakar would not be complete; the stage management was successfully done by Sandhya Menon, Rumy Haque and Tanzil Tahmid.

We now restlessly await to see what new project Kalakar will bring for us in the near future and wish them all the best until then.

Rumy Haque

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