Vulagonj Tourist Spot: Problems and Prospects.

By Abdur Rahim.

We the members of Tourist Club of MC College, Sylhet Bangladesh conducted a tour on last 16 august 2019 at Vulagonj (White stone’s den), Companigonj,sylhet. We observed not only the natural beauties but also the problems and probabilities to expand the tourism sector in sylhet region.Here is some notes for your kind info to take necessary steps or to inform the right authority to beautify our beautiful tourist spots by which more toirists can visit and contribute on our economic growth. We hereby mentioned :

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We started our journey from sylhet-vulagonj bus stand at 8:30am while raining. We reached the vulagonj ghat just after 1.5 hours later and took a boat to reach our destination. Rent was 70/person for bus (33kms far away) and 900 for a boat (not more than 500 meters riverway) . After our arrival at the land customs station we saw many tourists including us wet on rain as there were no safe zone or a tourist waiting cell anywhere. We changed our clothes in a tinshed shop that was closed on friday. 
As there were no waiting cell or ‘Zatri chauni ‘ and public toilets tourists left their urine here and there reclessly that is very disgusting.
Although road and transportation has improved its not also in a good form.  Path holes and small holes at the nearer of bridges always makes the passangers afraid and make the vehicles old in youth.

Boats are available in a certain gang who used to  rule the tourists as an autocratic way.  No rules or govt body is available there. Frail boats are available instead of fresh touristic boats and no rent chart available. No valid authories seen there only without a local gang. 
We saw just from the boats not less than 10 lacs of taka moves here everyday that worth 3 crores in a month and around 36 crores in a year respectively.
If a govt tourism maintainance authority would operate such spots with a good form govt could earn a huge amount as a profit and the locals would get a smart job in such an awesome area. Its not only for this place alone but i think it can be applicable for Zaflong, Bisanakandi and Kathalbari Haor Dwip too.  Just by these 4 areas govt could turnover not less than a thousand crores of earnings each year from the tourist. For this a master plan is needed under the planning ministry and Tourism ministry for a better tourism country in future bangladesh. Secured, Well service provided, a good number of service men,  tourist guides, colorful vehicles and low cost accommodation can change the whole scenario. Local 40% people can be deployed on this sector by which unemplyment rate can be reduced.
Rescures are not available enough at the spots instead of some whistler (Anser men). No signboards or tourist guiding banners are seen at the spot even.
we saw a tinshed hut for the womens changing room that is unsafe and annoying.

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Restaurents situated at the bank of the river Dholai (Boat ghat). Deliscious foods are supplied there although cost chart and cleanliness is absent. We found tourists are often burgaining with the restaurent boys and owners due to imbalance of costing and misbehave.

Dust weren’t seen due to the rainy day but it seems that there produces a huge dust at the area as the whole area is soiled and with big path holes.
 Dustbins never seen anywhere in the area. For this both river and the soil are being affected by the wastages and polybegs that affects badly on environment.

There were no calling booth or charging booth available without a BGB rest house in a tinshed makeshift where it seems that 15 seats for a thousand tourist.

We saw a masjid beside the BGB den but its small toilets are unclean and out of water in friday that astonished us mostly.  Prayer rooms should be ensured for the religious people anyway . Quality food and sweet behaviors should be ensured by all means.  For this mobile team of Tourism authority can play a vital role after making the tourist spots a realistic tourist attraction.

We thereby hope that authority will find positive and negative prospects of the spot that may help taking necessary steps for a better tourism in the area. MCTC is also ready to discuss on any other tourism related discussions for our countries developement.

Abdur Rahim: The writer is a Teacher of BSMRST University , Gopalgonj, Bangladesh.

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