Memories of ILMUN Conference’2019 at Bangkok, Thailand.

ABDUR RAHIM : After my arrival at the Bangkok airport at around 3:30 am (Bangkok time 4:30am) we took the bus and reached to the terminal 1 from the plane. Passing the immigration I got the changes of the dollars with a 30.18 bath (currency name) rate from the airport exchange offices because I couldn’t even took any water in the airplane due to the changes.

My friend Juber called me when I just landed and felt alone, but he himself accompanied me positively and inspired to take the changes and foods. I took a bottle of water with 10 bath and asked the shop assistant lady Is there any cell phone charging facilities here or not? She softly came out from the inside and showed me the charging point at the terminal. I saw the terminal has easy access to all except the immigration cell.

There is no business point here and there. All are processed and cordial. I stopped at the charging point and sat on the waiting chair, talked with friends. Taking back on the bag and water bottle I walked around everywhere and found untouched!! Got and observed their cultures, but not tried. Around 7am the official delegates came to receive me so cordially that it seemed to me they are very much known before.

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I just identified them seeing the ILMUN Placard. Although I were getting free access to the airport Wi-Fi and got informed by the WTO Council WhatsApp group. Getting them, I tried to be adjusted to them and took a little snack as breakfast. Meanwhile, the other delegates came from India, but after some time I came to learn that they are other organs delegates. I was amazed that how cordially they managed themselves in a same place.

But I suggested them to bring and hold big placards in later years so that it can be easily identified by the newcomers even from far. They warmly accepted my proposal and saved in the memory with a positive mode. Around 9am we reached to the Bangkok palace hotel by a tourist bearer nice vehicle. I introduced to the Philippines, Indonesian and Malaysian delegates along with huge fun. After reaching at the hotel we waited until 2 pm check in to the hotel and also introduced with the other newcomers like Indian, Cambodian, Pakistani, Philippines, Croatia, Algeria, Argentina, Ghana, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Morocco and Australian delegates. They became a good fan of mine. After getting our keys I along with a Philippines delegate named ‘ Bani ‘ got 8th floor with wonderful accommodation and took a rest, but we later participated in the dinner and the opening ceremony at the downstairs Restaurant. We took halal foods, vegetables and fruits and got our diaries, T-shirt and pen and got access to the ceremonial program.

Although we were too late but a little bit informed about the council and its activities that will be held on tomorrow. At the early morning we woke up and got ready to take breakfast heavily when we reached the QSCC conference hall by a two storied touristic bus. In the meantime i talked with a Cambodian delegate’s and used his cell phone to search the Info’s on WTO. What actually i thought roughly got different in the practical session after getting the ID card . Our WTO Council chair and co-chair took their seats and started the session . I just observed firstly how to vote and how to response as present and voting.  1st session started and based on GSL (General Speakers list) they allowed to start voting and against the voting activity for raising motions (certain topic selected as mod or unmod from the delegates) . Mod is like formal debate but unmod is informal debate, discuss motion among each country with enjoy. 

Honble Chairperson  and co chair of each UN Council directed firstly and introduced regarding the 1st conference session where Number of present,  Present and voting , total participants number, percentage or number of majority voting that must be 50%+1,  Quorum vote should be 2/3 of the participants and DR Sponsors should be 1/5% in percentage.

Session started by the order of Respected Chair and Co chair. Chair will just moderate the session but everything will be determined by the delegates participation with formally and respectfully by their voting.  Chair will start stating like ” after sounding the bell, Is there any motions under the floor? The delegates will raise their allocated country placards and express their motion (topic title related with the council agenda ) like:  Yes, Delegate of Italy wants / would like to raise a motion of 10/1,10/2,5/1,20/5 (time/person) of MOD/UNMOD on the topic and then chair will start getting vote to pass or fail the motion by stating “For those who are in favour of the motion,  please raise your placard ” no abstaining .  If majority voted to pass then discussion will be allowed to proceed by stating “Motion passes and after sounding Delegate of Italy is requested to deliver the speech on the (mod/unmod)motion “…….topic …..” for 1/2 minute time of 10/2 or 10/1 or any other certain number / person.  

Each time 3/4 motions will be asked and if passes by the voting the speakers list will be prepared. Otherwise the motion will be thrown out of discussion if fails to get majorities vote.  

By this way session will be continuing and sometimes “Coccus” will be allowed to raise voice on the certain topic or get the solutions from the other delegates by their direct talking grouply.  

Besides,  Working paper will be asked to prepare by the groups and within the time frame they must to submit.  Once they fail to submit timely will not received and Then the group will be deleted and will be told to collaborate with the other groups.  Then they will do so. 

Moreover , DR Formatting /Drafting will be said and sent to prepare within the assigned time. After getting done and submitted properly motion will be asked and raised to pass after discussing on the paper presentation and by voting only one will be passed for a best Working paper. 

Motion final will be to the end of the program. If Passes delegates will be allowed to go away.  

Thats all about the 6 UNO body councils session discussion process which is called the most important part of the MUNC.  Actually, to raise the motion as well as the GSL,  delegates needed to have well prepared on their own respective topics as well as research on the topics are highly expected to deliver speeches and to problem solution process.  Global Problem solution process can be done both with a direct country discussion or their allies support and diplomatic pressure.  And those delegates actually do so they became the Best delegates of the Council.

I think, such conferences are very much essential for young leaders to enrich themselves on the global platforms. Here, cross functional and cultural impact enlighten every delegates to observe themselves that they are to solve others and also to raise personal impressions on others with a very respective manners. To be a global citizen i think its importance will knows no bounds.

[ The writer is a diploma student of IML,DU and the recent Bangladeshi delegate to the ILMUN conference ’19 held on 30 jan – 2feb 2019 at Bangkok, Thailand. ] 

Abdur Rahim

Part Time Lecturer of IR dept, BSMRSTU,Gopalganj, Ex-President: Tourist Club of MC College, Sylhet, Bangladesh. 

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