Increased incidents of communal violence

Ansar Ahmed Ullah : According to Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council (BHBCUC) 250 incidents of communal violence took place in the last four months, from January to April.

At a press conference held this week at the National Press Club, Dhaka, BHBCUC representatives said 23 people were killed and 6 bodies were recovered. In addition, 10 cases of attempts to murder were made, 17 people received death threats and 188 people were physically attacked. Violence were targeted at businesses, homes and temples. Plundering, extortion, eviction from home & land, attempts to occupy, threats of forcing out of Bangladesh were made too.

The General Secretary of the Council Rana Dasgupta said, ‘Comparing the first four month the rate of sectarian violence has increased much more than 2018. In 2018, there were 806 incidents of communal violence.’

Asked about the reason for the increase in violence, Rana Das Gupta said, ‘There is zero tolerance towards communal violence but in reality, there is no implementation. We want to see the implementation of zero tolerance towards communal violence.’

In connection with the death of lawyer Palash Roy of Panchagarh, attack of armed miscreants on Prabir Sikder Faridpur’s residence, firing on human rights activist Priya Saha’s ancestral home, threats against prominent citizens Sultana Kamal, Shahriar Kabir and Muntassir Mamoon the BHBCUC has called for a countywide demonstration on 25 May. Nirmal Rosario, Vice President of BHBCUC presided over the press conference.

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