Greater Shaharpara Jubo Shongo honours senior citizens in London

Ansar Ahmed Ullah : The UK based Greater Shaharpara Jubo Shongo (GSPJS) honoured a number of elders ‘Senior Citizen Award 2018’ in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the welfare of their community on 7 April at a community centre in Poplar, East London.

Tower Hamlets Speaker Cllr Ayas Miah was Chief Guest while Cllr Tahir Khan former Mayor of Luton was special guest at the ceremony chaired by GSPJS’s President Abdur Rahman and conducted by General Secretary, former Principal of Syedpur Adarsha College, Muhammad Shahed Rahman.

Guests who addressed the event were Cllr Mohammad Ahbab Hossain, Vice President of Commonwealth Journalists Association Syed Nahas Pasha, General Secretary of London Bangla Press Club Mohammad Jobaer, educationalist Dr Roab Uddin, Contributing Editor of Jagannathpur Times Ansar Ahmed Ullah, President of War Crimes Platform Matiar Chowdhury, Shottobani’ s Editor in Chief Syed Anas Pasha, UK Bangla Reporters Unity’s General Secretary ATM Moniruzzaman, poet Abu Sufian Chowdhury & Prof Pranab Kanti Dev.

Welcoming remarks at the GSPJS Senior Citizen Award were made by former President of GSPJS Sheikh M A Khalik, Vice President Sheikh Faruk Ahmed, Akhtar Kamali and Abdul Awal Kamali Seju. Among others who spoke were Manohar Miah Kamali, Habibul Haque Kamali, Prof Sajidur Rahman, Lutfur Rahman Kamali, Rahim Uddin, Redwan Khan, poet Setu Miah Kamali, Abdus Salam Kamali, Sanak Kamali, Sadiq Kamali, Shafi Miah Kamali, Jitu Miah Kamali, Mamun Rashid Kamali, Sohel Ahmad, Abdus Sobhan and Saleh Ahmed.

Abdus Sobhan Kamali recited from the Holy Qur’an at the beginning of the meeting.

The recipient of GSPJS Senior Citizen Award 2018 were Gias Uddin Kamali, Asabur Rahman, Harun Rashid Kamali, Motuk Miah and Shahabuddin Aftab Miah of Greater Shaharpara Jubo Shongo. The chief guest and other guests presented crest, honorarium and gifts among the recipients.

At the Greater Shaharpara Jubo Shongo Senior Citizen Award ceremony, speakers said that GSPJS has initiated a brilliant initiative by honouring elders as a recognition of their charitable work. They added, this award will also encourage to bridge the generation gap between the young and the elderly.

Greater Shaharpara Jubo Shongo was established in 1987 in the United Kingdom to help develop education in rural Bangladesh. The GSPJS Senior Citizen Award was honoured to those who have been working for social development since its creation. This trend will continue in the future. The leader of the Jubo Shongo said that there is a plan to award the students of GCSE, college leavers and university graduates in order to inspire all students of ​​Jagannathpur.

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