CPRMB concerned at Bhola incident

Ansar Ahmed Ullah

A meeting of Campaign to Protect the Rights of Minorities in Bangladesh (CPRMB) was held on 20th October 2019 at Fencepiece Road, Hainault. The Meeting was Presided by Chair Devashish Das. Ajit Saha, Mihir Sarkar, Pushpita Gupta, Swapan Mazumder, Saytabrata Das, Adhir Das, Uday Das, Sujit Sen, Kamol Saha and Chinmoy Choudury took part in the discussion on various organisational matters.

Members expressed their concern at the recent event in Bhola, Bangladesh where four people lost their lives during clashes with police. They noted that incidents of this nature were becoming very common and in most of the cases as a result of communal attacks minorities suffered badly.

The meeting thanked the government for the support given to the Hindu community during the celebration of Durga puja though, there were some serious incidents which hampered the mode of celebration in some localities. CPRMB expects the government to take these incidents seriously and provide better protection in the future. They discussed a proposal to formally link up with minority rights organisations in Bangladesh. Two members updated the meeting with their views from the meetings they recently had in Dhaka with activists involved in the protection of minority rights in Bangladesh. They may invite some of the activists in future to attend the event to be organised by CPRMB. They also discussed the issue of the information gathering from BangladeshThe plan for a forth coming seminar in the House of Parliament were discussed. The seminar will be held jointly hosted by Liberation, an organisation led by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn MP with the cooperation of CPRMB.   

It was also decided to establish a charitable organisation – Hindu Aid UK. It would be a registered charity serving the needs of the Hindu Community in the UK and abroad.

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