Activist James Swapan Peris passed away in London

Ansar Ahmed Ullah : Well known activist James Swapan Peris passed away on Monday 27 May in a West London hospital. He died of kidney failure and brain hemorrhage though he had been ill for a while.

He was a cultural, secular, human rights & community activist and involved with various organisations including the Nirmul Committee, Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council, Campaign for the Protection of Religious Minorities in Bangladesh and Secular Bangladesh Movement.

He was the General Secretary of Secular Bangladesh Movement. James Swapan Peris was also a singer and deeply religious person. He was involved with Bengali Christian Fellowship and Bangladesh Christian Association.

James Swapan Peris lived in Southall. He was 47 at the time of his death. He has left behind one child and his wife Bithi Agnes Peris.

In Bangladesh he hails from Atharo Gram, Dhaka. He will be buried here following the donation of his organs.

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