A disabled man is accused of attacking Police, whose arms are not even working properly

News desk: His name is Tara Mia. He finds it difficult to even move his right arm deformed since birth. A bit tall and scrawny, the man from Sunamganj’s Jamalganj upazila uses his left hand to have meals.

Yet, he is one of the 52 people, who allegedly attacked police with machetes, hockey sticks and iron rods in Mallikpur Bazar area around 4:40pm on December 28, two days before the 11th parliamentary polls.

He was named as an accused in a case filed by police with Jamalganj Police Station two days later.

“How can I attack policemen when my right hand is almost unusable and even my left hand does not function properly,” Tara Mia told to the journalist on the High Court premises yesterday.

“I don’t do politics. I live on alms … I’m worried about my family’s survival,” said the 45-year-old man who went to the HC to seek anticipatory bail in the case.

Tarikul Islam, assistant sub-inspector at Jamalganj Police Station, filed the case accusing 52 named and 70 to 80 unnamed people.

According to the case statement, the accused gathered unlawfully in Mallikpur Bazar area and brought out a procession in support of “sheaf of paddy” around 4:40pm on that day.

They blocked the road and attacked police, leaving at least five policemen, including the complainant, injured.

“I did not participate in any procession whatsoever, let alone attacking police,” said Tara Mia.

He was anxiously pacing up and down the court premises.

The fear of arrest brought the man to the HC from Sunamganj on January 15. Since then, he has been staying either at the roadside or empty places as he cannot afford to rent a hotel room.

His wait for bail lingered as the court could not hear his petition yesterday due to time constraint.

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